Soccer Lab


The mission of Soccer Lab is to provide affordable, flexible, and quality soccer training to the Big Country and surrounding West Texas area. We exist to inspire youth to push the envelope, train without fear, develop character for a lifetime, and joyfully, confidently pursue the opportunities placed before them.

Philosophy [est. 2016]


Half effort does not produce worthwhile results. Perseverance and consistency are required to see lasting results.


There is no "Complete Player" that hasn't at some point faced adversity. The question is... will you give up and shrink? OR do you believe in yourself and teamats enough to push through and keep going?


Soccer and life are very similar. The seasons are sometimes up, sometimes down. But, your attitude towards a situation can completely change your perspective. Do you see it as a disaster or an opportunity?


We believe there is a large number of youth players that have a passion for the game, but need an opportunity to learn proper technique and tactics. We will provide quality teaching with high-level coaches who are consistenly pursuing the most effective ways to train youth soccer players.

|5| Humility

The moment a player becomes exclusively focused on themselves, is the day they lose the fun and joy of playing the game. It becomes a constant cry of unnecessary frustration and complaints. We hope by encouraging players to focus on the needs of the team as a whole they will grow to be adults who see the "unseen." Our hope is that they become ecouragers in a challenging world.

What We Provide


Experienced coaches will provide weekly training opportunities for players of varying ages and skill levels. See our calendar to view the weekly training schedule and package options for more specific details. Follow us on social media for special offers and promotions.

Our weekly schedule will include: Individual and dual private lessons, age and skill appropriate small group classes, and specialized skill classes.

Other oppoprtunities include: winter and spring break camps, summer camps, seminars, and scrimmages.


We want to aid in developing the "total player." This will include opportunities to attend seminars on topics such as nutrition, strength, mental toughness, leadership, college recruiting, etc.

We will also provide avenues for players seeking to merge their spiritual values with their love of soccer through weekly and monthly verses, camps, speakers, and more.


What’s Soccer Lab? Where did Soccer Lab come from?

Soccer Lab is our new soccer training program. It is not an affiliate, but rather is our own. It is designed to offer quality training to the Big Country without the fees and commitments of an affiliate. We have designed a variety of session types, options, packages, times, etc. The variety is intended to help player tailor-make their schedule and classes to fit their specific needs and goals.

What do I need to bring to a training session?

It’s always a good idea to bring water and your soccer ball. Cleats, turfs, indoor shoes, and tennis shoes are all acceptable forms of footwear. Shin guards are recommended.

What do I wear?

Please wear appropriate athletic attire. Something you can move in!

Can I try a class before I buy sessions to make sure I like it?

Sure! No problem. Please call ahead to let us know you’re coming… or better yet… sign up using the MindBody app. It will give you a FREE trial, and notify us.

Who are the coaches?

View our STAFF page to learn more about the coaches!

How big are the group sessions?

The max capacity of a session for ages 4-7 or specialty skills is 8 people. The max capacity of a session for 8-12 or 13-18 year olds is 10 people. Additional coaches, classes, and session times will be added if necessary! We want to create high-energy, high-intensity, quality sessions.

How far in advance do you have to register?

Sign up online before the starts or hits full capacity… whatever comes first!

Can you pay as you go? Or all at once?

You can pay as you go, but if you know you will train several times… it’s cheaper in the long run for you if you can pay upfront for a larger number of sessions rather than buying single sessions.

Will groups be by ages and skill levels?

Yes! You’ll notice that suggested age groups divide the small group sessions. We will be flexible as we learn players’ skill levels. If we feel that a player is capable of moving up or needs extra help, we will suggest so.

What if I miss a session?

If you sign up for a session and “No Show,” you will not get your session back. However, if you’ve signed up online, realize you can’t make it, and then go cancel that booking, you will still have full credit for a session.

Sessions are 45 minutes long?

Yes, a 45-minute session makes this a high-intensity training session that is focused from the beginning. Get in, get your work in, get out and be better for it. You're putting in the work to be a better soccer player and person... We will honor your time, and make sure you get everything you need in your session.